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The new icons…

Some of my ramblings from a Backcountry Magazine Icons feature…   Being Jane Goodall , —-don’t think we can compare ourselves to Jane…maybe something like “Game changers” Or, the 37 most important women in backcountry I ski with little girls. A lot//bold//. Every year they return talking […]

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12 things big and small that the skiergirl in your life wants for Christmas from you.

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Pssst. Listen up fellas, this is how to WIN at Christmas.   A Puppy or a Kitten. Nope we never grew out of it. But in case you’re lookin’ for more rational gifts: A Shejumps girafficorn T-shirt. Who doesn’t love the Girafficorn plus it supports more kids getting outside. […]

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Backcountry Magazine | Icons


I was beyond honored and frankly intimidated when Backcountry asked me to write the intro for their “Icons” issue, the 37 most important women in backcountry. Here is what came of it. Look forward to seeing it in the new mag. I ski with little girls every […]

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GoPro Trip to Chile


This past August, I got the call to go on a trip with GoPro to Chile to film their new product launch video. The snow-focused edit from the trip just came out yesterday and all I can say is STOKED. Feeling very thankful for such an opportunity […]

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Summer Shredding in Chile | GoPro Promo Video


This August I was lucky to spend a few weeks in Chile shredding with the GoPro crew. The first edit from the trip went live yesterday and with it, a new camera was launched. Check out the video here! Stoked how it came out! (plus, where else […]

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Best Run of the Season (or my life??)


This was one of my favorite moments from this season. Standing on top of Velvet curtain on our second attempt after an avalanche had quickly ended our one in a lifetime opportunity with the cinaflex a few days earlier. I never imagined we’d have that opportunity again […]

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Boots that suck (in a good way)


If there is something we as skiers can all agree on its new boots are no fun. No matter how much technology or performance is in a boot, a “race fit” usually means cold, painful and a whole lot of getting-to-know-your-bootfitter. Or at least that’s how I […]

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Stepping up

SheJumps Camp 2110small

The world needs more role models, more mentors, more connections between all the children of the world (even the ones who call themselves “grown-ups.”) Skiing with kids for a couple of weeks over Christmas every year for the past 12 years has taught me a lot. EEvery […]

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Thanks to all those that support me in my hopes, dreams and objectives. Feeling pretty thankful.

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Snow Dance!

Screen shot 2012-12-01 at 12.06.29 AM

Lack of Snow calls for a SNOW DANCE. Nope, not kidding. I’ve done my research and desperate times call for desperate measures! If we want more snow, it’s time we took measures into our own hands! I call for a SNOW DANCE! Below I have uncovered time tested […]

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